HRBC 9mm 135gr RN-NLG Blackhawke 500pk

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Hawkesbury River Bullet Company (HRBC) is one of the oldest and most respected hard cast projectile manufacturer in Australia. Available in the following types:

  • Blackhawkes: The original and known proven formula of the HY-TEK SUPERCOAT coating system.
  • Copperhawkes: A special HY TEK super slippery performance coating aimed at the extreme high velocity of over 2200 fps.
  • Silverhawkes: The Nostalgic "Western Action' coating, giving all the properties of the BlackHawkes coating, with the visual aspect of yester year. This clear coating lubrication eliminates the OHS and handling issues of raw alloy.

Bullet Terminology:

  • BNWCButton Nose Wad Cutter
  • CONConical
  • FPFlat Point
  • RN: Round Nose
  • RNFPRound Nose Flat Point
  • RNGCRound Nose Gas Check
  • RNWCRound Nose Wad Cutter
  • SPGC: Soft Point Gas Check
  • SWCSemi Wad Cutter


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