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Redding 6.5/284 COMP Neck Die Set 58415

Redding 6.5/284 COMP Neck Die Set 58415

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Competition Bushing Neck Sizing Die - Similar in design concept to Redding's Competition Seating Die, the cartridge case is completely supported and aligned with the sizing bushing before the sizing process begins. As the sizing process starts, the cartridge case remains supported in the tightly chamberd, sliding sleeve as it moved upward while the resizing bushing self-centers on the case neck. The decapping rod is maintained in precise alignment by using the internal parts of the die as a liner support much like that of a firing pin. Meanwhile, the micrometer adjustment of the bushing position delivers precise control to the desired amount of neck length to be sized. The die was designed for use by Competition Shooters who have meticulously prepared their cartridge cases and do not wish to use a sizing button, however, carbide size button kits are available separately. 
Body Die - Body Dies are designed to full length resize the case body and bump the shoulder position for proper chambering without disturbing the case neck. They are made without internal parts and intended for the use only to resize cases which have become increasingly difficult to chamber after repeated firing and neck sizing.
Competition Seating Die - Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die features a seating stem precision ground to exactly match bullet diameter. No seating die on the market is built to this level of precision. The micrometer is calibrate in .001” increments for precise seating depth and is infinitely adjustable (without clicks). The micrometer also has a setting feature that allows you to set the 
micrometer to your rifle or favorite seating depth.

Competition Bushing Neck 3 Die Set Includes:
• Set includes Competition Bushing Neck Sizing Die 
• Body Die 
• Competition Seating Die
How to Determine Which Bushings You Need:
The easiest way to determine the proper diameter bushing, is to measure the neck diameter of several loaded or dummy cartridges with an accurate micrometer. Subtract .001”- .002” from the average neck diameter and this diameter bushing will generally size case necks to create the proper press fit for the bullet. 
Another method is to measure the neck thickness with a ball micrometer or Redding’s Case Neck Gauge. Double the wall thickness and add this number to the bullet diameter. The result is the neck diameter of a loaded cartridge, and bushing size can be determined as above.
Shell Holder Sold Separately
Shell Holder #1 / Item Number #RE11001
VLD Seat Stem Sold Separately
VLD Seat Stem for Competition Bullet Seater #RE55726

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