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Redding Case Lube Pad

Redding Case Lube Pad

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The Redding Case Lube Kit makes it easy for reloaders to lubricate the outside of their brass cases before the de-capping and resizing process. It is highly recommended to lubricate cases before full length resizing. A thin film of lubricant will help to prevent cases being stuck inside the de-capping and resizing die. If you’ve ever had to remove a stuck case you will realise just how important case lubricant is.

The Redding Case Lube kit includes a lube pad and a soft absorbent synthetic sponge insert that holds the lubricant until it is transferred to the cases for reloading. The bottom side of the pad includes  non-skid feet so it won’t skate all over your bench when you a re using it. The kit comes complete with a 59ml bottle of Redding’s highly concentrated case lubricant. A few drops of the Redding case lube is all that’s needed to apply a thin film over your cases.

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